Trend Screener EA – DOCUMENTATION 1 –

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Trend Screener EA – DOCUMENTATION 1 –

How it’s working ?

The idea of creating multi-currencies Trend EA is to devide the risk between many assets. The EA combines three timeframes entries with multi-currencies trading, into a powerful system for trading volatile currency markets successfully.

Example :    

When the GBP pairs in DOWN-TREND phase in M30 timeframe , we will find the most  GBP pairs moving in Down direction but with differents  performance like in the screen-shot bollow : 

( Screen-shot took with Trend Line Map indicator ) 

GBPAUD ( M30 timeframe ) , DOWN-TREND direction and the price increase by 3 pips against the DOWN-TREND. ( Loss ) 

GBPCAD ( M30 timeframe ) , DOWN-TREND direction and the price decrease by 10 pips. ( Profit ) 

GBPCHF ( M30 timeframe ) , DOWN-TREND direction and the price decrease by 31 pips.  ( Profit ) 

GBPJPY ( M30 timeframe ) , DOWN-TREND direction and the price decrease by 90 pips.  ( Profit ) 

GBPNZD   ( M30 timeframe ) , DOWN-TREND direction and the price decrease by 5 pips.  ( Profit ) 

GBPUSD ( M30 timeframe ) , DOWN-TREND direction and the price increase by 20 pips against the DOWN-TREND.  ( Loss ) 

By using Basket Takeprofit like 100 pips, we can catch the downtrend of GBP perfectly and the risk is divided between the different GBP pairs.

Our system indicators

1. Trend Screener Indicator, this is the indicator that will generate the Buy signals ( Begin of the Up Trend ) and Sell signals ( Begin of the Down Trend ) 

2. Trend Line Map indicator, this is the indicator that will be used to monitor all active signals performance. 

The EA will need only Trend Screener Indicator Pro to run. Without Trend Screener Indicator, the EA will not work.

The Trend Line Map indicator is used to monitor the signals performance generated Trend Screener indicator. 

Trend Screener EA features

1. Identify the beginning of the Trend via Trend Screener Indicator.   ( Arrow in Trend Screener indicator )

2. Filter Orders by Trend Quality   ( Trend Summary in Trend Screener indicator ) 

3. Auto-trade many timeframes from one chart.

4. Auto-trade many pairs from one chart. 

5. Have 3 stop-loss and take-profit methods : 

   5.1 Fixed stop-loss and take-profit.

   5.2  ATR stop-loss and take-profit.

   5.3.   Swing high and swing Low for Stoploss. ( Calculating the swing high and swing low to get the perfect stop-loss )

5. Money Management to calculate the lot size based on the account balance and the risk defined by the user.

6. Enabling and disabling every timeframes.

7. Selecting the the positions types per timeframes ( Long positions only, Short positions only or both )

8. Exit positions when the system detects the opposite trend.

9. Spread monitoring and suspending trading during high spread moment.

10. Basket Takeprofit and Stoploss by per timeframes.

11. Global Takeptofit and Stoploss based on all the orders opened from all the timeframes.

12. Having 3 differents trading sessions. 

13. Break_event feature.

Example of using Basket Trading

The idea of using Basket trading is to have many orders opened and wait for a good trend to catch a good profit.

In order to use the Basket trading,

 1. We need to accept some losing orders because the losing trades can happen during the consolidations phases. 

 2. We need to set the system to use SWING Stoploss method.

 3. We need to set Takeprofit equal to 0. We will use Basket Takeprofit in the EA setting inside of using individual takeprofit per pair.

 4. We need to disable the Break_event feature.

 5. We disable the Trend Quality feature. 

 5. Our main target is to wait and Catch the rally and building a portfolio of trades to cover the loss of the orders closed by Swing stop-loss and make a profit.

Those the live signals generated by 

As we can see in the screen-shots above, 

The active signals in the timeframe H4 are 13 Buy signals and 16 Sell signals and the total Net Profit is equal to  2315.5 pips.

Let’s suppose that we have 10 orders closed by SWING Stoploss with a total loss equal to -1000 pips 

If the Trader used Basket TP = 2000 pips and when the Net. Preach to 2000 pips. The EA will close all orders of the H4 timeframe with a profit of 2000 pips.

Conclusion : 

1. Total orders closed with loss before the Basket TP is reached is equal to X = 1000 pips. ( Closed by SWING STOPLOSS or CLOSED BY OPPOSITE TREND ) 

2. Basket TP  ( H4 time frame ) is reached and the profit is Y = 2000 pips.

3. The final profit is Y – X = 1000 pips as net profit. 

The idea behind our system is to wait for a good rally, using Basket TP and diversifying the RISK between many assets to trade safely.

We don’t use GRID and aggressive Martingale. 

Money management is very important to use our strategy successfully. In case, the trader got several losses before catching a good rally, he can increase the lot size but safe increase. ( Example: Initial Lot size is 0.01, he can increase by 0.02 ).

The patient is the Key, the Trend will always come, just we wait for a good trend with having a porfolotion with many pairs. 

Imporant Note : 

1. In order to build a portfolio of signals, we should never use TP per pair. We need to use only a Basket TP. 

2. We need to use SWING STOPLOSS.

3. We need to activate the CLOSE_ORDER_IN_OPPOSITE_TREND.

Conclusion : The Orders will be closed by three ways :

1. SWING STOPLOSS. => Losing Trade => That’s oky, Basket TP will be reached soon.

2. CLOSE ORDER BY OPPOSITE TREND   => Losing Trade => That’s oky, Basket TP will be reached soon.

3. BASKET TP  Per TimeFrame  =>   Basket TP will be reached we convered all the loss and we generated profit. 

EA Setting for Basket Trading 

Setting Part 1 

Setting Part 2

Setting Part 3 

Setting Part 4 

Setting Part 5

Setting Part  6

Setting Part  7

Risk Warning :

1. The idea of the EA is to build a portfolio of signals and wait for the good trend to build a good basket of profitable pairs to cover the losing trades and making a profit based on multiple pairs with Basket TP.

2 . If you don’t have patience,  this EA is not for you.

3. Recommended lot size per 1000$ is 0.01 lot. You set the Risk-based on your balance also from the EA set.

4. You will not start to make so much money with this EA in one day.  

5. This EA could also make losses depend on the parameters and the aggressiveness.

6. We don’t use Grid or Martingale in the EA. Only trading with safe stop-loss based on the Swing High / Swing Low and wait for a good trend to make a profit.

7. Every Trader can personalize the EA setting as he wants and based on his vision to the Market Trend. 


SAYADI ACHREF , fintech software engineer. 

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