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Refresh Optimalization Period: How often to optimize values

Optimization is a daunting process, so I recommend at least D1, I use a W1

Refresh History Period: How often refresh history(results)
Use at least H1, I preferred D1

Refresh Code Period: How often to refresh values and check conditions, for entry to trade

Check Close orders every tick: Checking running orders and close on every tick(I use 1 Minute, If running all five pairs)


Show settings: true/false

Show hisotory stats:  true/false

Show running info:  true/false

–Magic Number and order comment–

Magic:  98710  (Used magic numbers are 98710-98720)
For each currency pair two magic numbers. If apply on GBPAUD, so 98710 is magic for buy and 98711 for sell. If apply on EURAUD, so 98712 is for buy and 98713 is magic for sell command.
When you want to test more settings on one platform, for each additional setting changes the magic number by at least 10

Your Comment: Comment order 

–Trading Activity–

>Closing conditions are always active!<

Time in .set files is on broker AAAfx, with time shift from GMT is 0  

Trading allowed(open new orders): true/false
If false, so EA checking only closed contitions, and does not open new

Session time filter(open new orders in time range): true/false
If true, so EA running ever.

Session started: Time format string xx:xx (hour:minute)

Session ended:  Time format string xx:xx (hour:minute)

–Open Orders Trading Conditions–

Reverse logic strategy: true/false
If true, so signals for entry are reverted

Max. Allowed spread(in pips): Broker spread(commision)

Max. Allowed slippage(in points): Order slippage


Calculation formula: Classic/Weighted

Indicator lenght: Bars count indicator

Volatility lenght: Bars count volatility

Optimizing lenght: Bars count for optimization

Open Indicator Value Multiplier: Indicator optimal value * multiplier, for entry strategy condition
Example: If indicator optimal value is 25 and Value indicator multiplier is 2, so trade will be opened on indicator value 50.(25*2)

–Close Trading Conditions–

Close orders Indicator Value multiplier: Same as  ‘Open Indicator Value Multiplier’, but for closing trades

PT in money activated: true/false

PT in money: Close order on profit in your account currency.
compute for a specific forex pair, no for all active pairs.

SL in money activated: true/false

SL in money: Close order on profit in your account currency. 
compute for a specific forex pair, no for all active pairs.

–Rebuying and lotsizing–

Max.Allowed ReBuys: Max. open orders for this pair

Max.ReBuys in reverse direction: Max. open orders for this pair in reverse direction

LotSize deep multiplier: Multiplier for lotsize
If 2, so all lots value are set *2
Example(Lotsize order 3 = 0.03 and LotSize deep multiplier = 3, so Lotsize order 3 will be 0.03*3=0.09)

Other lotsize it is set manually

–ReBuying Indicator Multiplier–

And manualy setting multiplier for open orders based on indicator.

Example: Indicator value for open trade is 50 for first trade.

If ‘Trade 2 Indi.Curr.Value multiplier‘ = 1.5, so second signal waiting on value 50*1.5(75) for entry to second trade

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