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Due to the great information and publicity that we are subjected to daily in all the media, a large number of people have come to this place, thinking that trading is a game and that it is something easy. I’ll tell all of them, if you think this way, get out of here before you lose your money.

Nothing is further from the truth, trading is a job. Discipline is a crucial factor. And not everyone has the ability to earn money. For some to win, others have to lose.

With the proliferation of Experts Advisors, many people have fallen back into the false idea that you can use a Bot without doing anything at all and without having any trading knowledge, they only expect to make a lot of money with very small amounts of money. But I’ll tell you: folks, this doesn’t exist. Not even the most powerful companies in the world, with their million dollar bots, have this ability.

Perhaps the most important thing is to put reality on the table. We will consider that a 100% annual return is a reasonable and balanced amount.

Right now, some will think that that amount is ridiculous, that they have seen Experts who claim to earn thousands of dollars a month … If you think like this, simply stop reading this, or read it with more energy, since you have fallen into the trap of marketing.

This is the reality: Suppose we only have $ 1,000 to invest, therefore within a year we could have up to $ 2,000.

But what is the procedure to get there?

I am going to give you my personal vision to climb positions, and therefore, make our money grow.

First of all, we must be aware that 1000 dollars is a very small amount, which will not allow us to diversify using a normal account.

The importance of diversifying is obvious, it is never good to put all your eggs in one basket.

If we want to invest in Forex, it will be advisable to distribute our money in different currency pairs. But with an amount of $ 1000, it will be almost impossible to diversify, and more importantly, put all our money at risk. Therefore, I recommend using a “Cents” account, or cent account. In it, each dollar becomes 100 cents, so we can diversify our operations in many different currencies, by being able to open much smaller operations. My recommendation is to open an account with this broker, since it has a good reputation, and with very high execution speeds, so it is ideal for the use of Experts Advisors.

In addition, it will be interesting to add some money each month to this account. This is not with the sole objective of earning more and more money, but also to reduce the risk of the account, by increasing the free margin of the account.

In the same way that we diversify in the assets in which we invest, it is also interesting to diversify in the tools and strategies that we use in our account. For me, the ideal is to have a   Bots portfolio that use different strategies in the market. In this way, before the bad streaks of a bot, there will be others to compensate for losses.

Let’s consider that 100% per year that we talked about before and starting at $ 1000 with income of $ 50 per month to grow our account.

A 100% per year is approximately 8.3% per month. Let’s look at the rounded theoretical accounts:

Month 1 Initial $ 1000 Final $ 1083
Month 2 Initial $ 1083 + $ 50 Final $ 1227
Month 3 Initial $ 1227 + $ 50 Final $ 1,383
Month 4 Initial $ 1,383 + $ 50 Final $ 1552
Month 5 Initial $ 1552 + $ 50 Final $ 1735
Month 6 Initial $ 1735 + $ 50 Final $ 1933 
Month 7 Initial $ 1933 + $ 50 Final $ 2,147
Month 8 Initial $ 2,147 + $ 50 Final $ 2379
Month 9 Initial $ 2379 + $ 50 Final $ 2,630
Month 10 Initial $ 2,630 + $ 50 Final $ 2902
Month 11 Initial $ 2902 + $ 50 Final $ 3,197
Month 12 Initial $ 3197 + $ 50 Final $ 3,516

In short, with $ 1000 + $ 600 of Investment added $ 1916 to our account.

And this is only the first year. This is called compound interest, year after year the amount of money you can get, if you do things step by step, it will be exponentially larger.

We have seen how what at first seemed like a ridiculous growth has become thanks to compound interest, it is a smart, balanced and moderate risk way to invest our money.

In the process of rounding, we have lost a few euros. Let’s see with the help of a calculator, the exact result:

Let’s see what would happen in just 5 years following this line:

And finally, a period of 10 years:

Not bad, right?

Hope this helps demystify that 6, 7, 8% per month is a ridiculous amount, as it can be extremely profitable. On the other hand, subjecting our account to great risks, looking for 25% per month, or 50% as some products promise, possibly only will not lead to burning our account and ending up losing.

Do not believe the false promises of EAs that can make you a millionaire in a few weeks. The reality is this. The years will teach you that what goes up fast, can go down just as fast or more. In trading you go up a ladder, but a trip can make you go straight down a slide.

Be cautious and intelligent, walk step step for success to come. Diversify your operations and create a portfolio of Experts. Use a cent account to diversify your operations. Become a Successful Trader

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