Small Business Interview with Bob LeVitus – Managing Distractions and Being Disciplined for Success – Small Business Show episode 109

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working smarter for mac users

working smarter for mac usersWe began episode 109 of the Small Business Show with a plan to chat with Bob LeVitus about his new book, Working Smarter for Mac Users. We talked about the book of course, but we also covered a treasure of information about being a “Solopreneuer” for 20+ years and how creating discipline techniques can be a path to success.

Bob considers himself to be “virtually unemployable” and perhaps that has opened the doors for him to become an author with over 80 books to his name, a regular contributor to the MacObserver and a tech columnist for the Houston Chronicle. We jump right into one of the most critical issues to being successful when working on your own: being disciplined enough to get the work done on and done on time. Bob uses the Pomodoro technique that blocks out 25-minute time-frames with no interruptions to keep on task.

Join us today if you find yourself easily distracted and have trouble getting things done – there’s some great tips that we think will benefit all of us Small Business owners.


  • 00:00:00 Small Business Show #109 March 8, 2017
  • 00:01:16 Interview with Bob LeVitus – Author, Entrepreneur and Small Business owner
  • 00:02:37 Virtually unemployable
  • 00:04:53 The power of saying “yes”
  • 00:06:34 The hardest part about being a _______ is keeping your ass in the chair
  • 00:07:20 Crazy glue on my buttocks – developing a system that works to motivate and discipline yourself.
  • 00:08:44 Pomodoro Technique
  • 00:10:00 Making ADHD work for you – Why the rabbit holes are so attractive
  • 00:11:26 A Plan for the Day – isolate things that are the most important. 25 min work sessions
  • 00:12:28 The most important deal you make … is the one with yourself
  • 00:15:06Driven to Distraction
  • 00:16:36 Bob’s Book: “Working Smarter for Mac Users
  • 00:18:43 No stupid PC tricks! Partnering with other experts, using your brand.
  • 00:24:42 Set yourself up for success – using quotas to keep you disciplined.
  • 00:28:49 Working Smarter for Mac Users, the website!
  • 00:31:46 Invent something!
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