How you open multiple initial trade in same pair. (CAP ZONE EA) Part 14

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CAP Zone Recovery EA User Guide Part 14

How you open multiple initial trade in same pair. 

By default CAP Zone Recover manage one initial trade in same pair a time. But It is possible to have the EA open multiple initial trades in the same pair. But there are some rule. 

There are two scenario to open multiple initial trade in same pair.

Scenario One :

Multiple initial trade in single pair. Example you to open multiple initial trade but must be in same direction. example your open multiple buy trade or multiple sell trade. We call it grid mode.   

Rule Of Grid Mode

  • Multiple initial trade in should be in same direction. example it should be multiple BUY or multiple SELL. but it you have multiple trade in both direction mean both buy and sell trade open then EA can’t manage this.  
  • The average open price of all the grid trades will be calculated for profit closing. Then it in Grid mode EA fellow TP from initial section. 
  • The last opened price will be used as the basis level of the Recovery Zone Range placing hedge orders.
  • Grid trade can be open by EA or it can be open by manually or external EA.

Here the details about how to use Grid Mode

Scenario Two :

Multiple initial trade in same pair. Example you want to open two initial trade in same EURUSD. You can also do that. But there are four rule : 

  1. First you have to decide how many initial trade open in same pair. Example if you will open two initial trade then you have to attach EA two different chart in EURUSD.

  2. You have to set different MagicNumber for each chart. Keep in mind MagicNumber must be different otherwise It conflict each others.

  4. If you want open trade Manually then use  INITIAL TRADE TYPE = TRADE PANELOR  INITIAL TRADE TYPE = INSTANT ORDER
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