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Generate reviews — 8 ways to get more product reviews

The power of feedback If you want to generate interest in your products and attract more customers, there is something your brand needs to learn how to do: generate reviews. Reviews are essential for driving shoppers to your products and helping customers through the buyer’s journey. But, getting reviews from customers isn’t always easy. How…

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Websites + Marketing: Schedule & publish posts directly to Instagram

Insta-worthy updates When it comes to succeeding online, small business owners know it takes more than a website to grow. They need to be where their customers are – whether that be on social media or in their inboxes. But being everywhere takes time, especially when trying to manage and maintain multiple platforms in addition…

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Top 21 crowdfunding platforms of 2021

Funding fundamentals This article was first published on Feb. 8, 2017, and was updated on Feb. 27, 2018, Feb. 11, 2019, Feb. 24, 2020, and March 4, 2021. Wondering if crowdfunding platforms might be a boost for your new business venture? Companies that are just starting out sometimes need a financial step up to get…

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7 reasons you need a small business website

Products mentioned Get your own website This post was originally published on June 6, 2019 and updated on Feb. 1, 2021. Many small businesses, especially new small businesses, run a lean operation. They focus on necessities and urgent matters, only spending money when they need to. So, it’s easy to see why some entrepreneurs might…

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What is this Form 1099-K I received?

New to the rodeo? The post was originally published on Feb. 5, 2015, and was updated on Jan. 30, 2019.  It’s tax season and that means that all manner of mysterious tax forms might begin appearing in our mailboxes. The tax forms that small business owners end up with can be even more perplexing — especially…

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Why updating your website matters for sales

Give it a fresh coat This post was originally published on July 31, 2018, and was updated on March 4, 2020 and February 1, 2021. Many entrepreneurs might find themselves getting comfortable after their website has been created, with the misguided understanding that it will take care of itself. But updating your website is just…

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How to anticipate needs with consumer psychology

Dig deep Why do people buy what they do, when they do? Understanding why the customer does anything is important in delivering the right product or service at the right time. That’s one reason learning how to anticipate needs with consumer psychology and micro-moments is key in building a successful business. Business owners and marketers…

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