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What’s new in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce

Ch-ch-ch-changes As we continue to move through 2021, Websites + Marketing continues to grow and gain new features along the way. In this guide, we’re going to cover these updates and show you how they can help your business grow as well. What’s new in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce Here’s a list of the new…

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Websites + Marketing: Schedule & publish posts directly to Instagram

Insta-worthy updates When it comes to succeeding online, small business owners know it takes more than a website to grow. They need to be where their customers are – whether that be on social media or in their inboxes. But being everywhere takes time, especially when trying to manage and maintain multiple platforms in addition…

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How to claim social media handles — and why you should do it now

Products mentioned Snag your name Whether you want to start a business, are planning on becoming a social media influencer, or just hope to have a really nifty social media handle, you should grab your coveted name now — even before you create your business, launch a website or even register your domain. Get ready, friends,…

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Top 21 crowdfunding platforms of 2021

Funding fundamentals This article was first published on Feb. 8, 2017, and was updated on Feb. 27, 2018, Feb. 11, 2019, Feb. 24, 2020, and March 4, 2021. Wondering if crowdfunding platforms might be a boost for your new business venture? Companies that are just starting out sometimes need a financial step up to get…

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Update your website, business hours and contact information

Keep your info updated As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses have to adapt to changing local, state and federal ordinances and as well potential closures due to COVID-19 exposure. While many of us are staying at home to try to prevent the spread of COVID-19, businesses are having to change the way they interact with…

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Tips to boost sales in 2021 with Websites + Marketing

Boost your ecommerce As we start 2021, ecommerce is going to lead the way this year, as the pandemic continues to drive a boost in online shopping. In fact, ecommerce sales from April to May have already exceeded sales during the 2019 holiday season by 7%. With record-breaking online shopping expected to continue through 2021,…

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7 reasons you need a small business website

Products mentioned Get your own website This post was originally published on June 6, 2019 and updated on Feb. 1, 2021. Many small businesses, especially new small businesses, run a lean operation. They focus on necessities and urgent matters, only spending money when they need to. So, it’s easy to see why some entrepreneurs might…

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GoDaddy Q&A with NutraMaize® CEO Evan Rocheford

Superpowered corn Today, we’re speaking with Evan Rocheford, the co-founder and CEO of NutraMaize™, a company transforming the United State’s largest staple crop – corn – into a platform for delivering better nutrition on a population-wide scale.  NutraMaize™’s innovation is a unique variety of orange non-GMO corn. The vibrant orange color comes from significantly higher…

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Why updating your website matters for sales

Give it a fresh coat This post was originally published on July 31, 2018, and was updated on March 4, 2020 and February 1, 2021. Many entrepreneurs might find themselves getting comfortable after their website has been created, with the misguided understanding that it will take care of itself. But updating your website is just…

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