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Generate reviews — 8 ways to get more product reviews

The power of feedback If you want to generate interest in your products and attract more customers, there is something your brand needs to learn how to do: generate reviews. Reviews are essential for driving shoppers to your products and helping customers through the buyer’s journey. But, getting reviews from customers isn’t always easy. How…

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How to claim social media handles — and why you should do it now

Products mentioned Snag your name Whether you want to start a business, are planning on becoming a social media influencer, or just hope to have a really nifty social media handle, you should grab your coveted name now — even before you create your business, launch a website or even register your domain. Get ready, friends,…

Clubhouse app – what is it and how can I use it for small business marketing?
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Clubhouse app – what is it and how can I use it for small business marketing?

The social media landscape has evolved drastically over the years. There are now multiple social platforms, each with different specialised characteristics. For example, Twitter provides its users with a platform to share news and views; Instagram hosts stylised visual content; YouTube is the king of video; while TikTok’s short-form video content provides users with light-hearted…

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Turning happy customers into customer advocates

Products mentioned Go, you! Need more business? Customer advocates are your key to more leads — and as a result, more revenue. Why? People are more likely to purchase a service or product based on a recommendation than ads they see or research they have to do themselves. In fact: Referral marketing, advocacy marketing ……