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6 Areas Besides Sales and Marketing Where Automation Wins

Automation is the future. Companies that implement it are more profitable, efficient, and stable. This makes automation a no-brainer for any company looking to get ahead, or to bolster its organization after being shaken up by COVID-19. Until now, most companies have only relied on automation for sales and marketing. Automatic sales and marketing campaigns…

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5 Benefits of Using Smart Technologies in Financial Operations

Modern finance professionals are always on the lookout for tools and technologies that will make their operational management more effective, deliver more value, increase productivity, and boost their bottom line. Listed below are five benefits of using smart technologies for better financial performance:  1. More effective reporting processes Typically, reporting on financial information is a…

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The 9 Best Small Business Software Tools of 2020

Small businesses have big technology needs. Getting everything done with a skeleton crew means investing in tools that encourage efficiency.  Unlike enterprise companies, however, small business leaders have limited tech budgets. They can’t afford to take risks on unproven tools, nor on “one size fits all” systems that don’t actually serve anyone. What are the…