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What are the five most common domain extensions and which one should I use?

Products mentioned High five This article was original published on Nov. 21, 2017, and updated on April 16, 2021. Websites have become even more important to businesses and freelancers following the global lockdown from COVID-19. People are now choosing to frequent a website instead of the brick-and-mortar alternative. More than ever, you need to choose…

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Generate reviews — 8 ways to get more product reviews

The power of feedback If you want to generate interest in your products and attract more customers, there is something your brand needs to learn how to do: generate reviews. Reviews are essential for driving shoppers to your products and helping customers through the buyer’s journey. But, getting reviews from customers isn’t always easy. How…

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What’s new in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce

Ch-ch-ch-changes As we continue to move through 2021, Websites + Marketing continues to grow and gain new features along the way. In this guide, we’re going to cover these updates and show you how they can help your business grow as well. What’s new in Websites + Marketing Ecommerce Here’s a list of the new…

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Websites + Marketing: Schedule & publish posts directly to Instagram

Insta-worthy updates When it comes to succeeding online, small business owners know it takes more than a website to grow. They need to be where their customers are – whether that be on social media or in their inboxes. But being everywhere takes time, especially when trying to manage and maintain multiple platforms in addition…

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