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Update your website, business hours and contact information

Keep your info updated As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, businesses have to adapt to changing local, state and federal ordinances and as well potential closures due to COVID-19 exposure. While many of us are staying at home to try to prevent the spread of COVID-19, businesses are having to change the way they interact with…

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Minnesota rethinks how it supports entrepreneurs and businesses

Supporting each other As cities and states face pandemic-induced budget shortfalls, they’re struggling to create playbooks to help businesses get back on their feet and put millions of unemployed Americans back to work. The Brookings Institution projects that state and local government revenues will decline $167 billion in 2021, and $145 billion a year after…

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Cities with more diversity have more online micro-businesses

Work together Amber Khan-Robinson, the daughter of the first African American athletic shoe designer in the U.S., has always had entrepreneurship in her blood. So when she was looking for ways to keep her three children from staring at screens all day, she decided to help them “start a business.” Working at home in Atlanta,…

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How historic Denison, Texas, went digital in the COVID-19 era

Surviving and thriving A year ago, Elsie Russell watched as her home décor shop, 2 Chicks Home and Market, was heavily damaged by a fire that ripped through the 300 block of historic downtown Denison, Texas. “I just stood across the street with a crowd of people, watching it burn,” she says. “I was thinking…

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Working with freelancers in 2021 — 10 outsourcing tips

Take note As per the nature of 2020, many businesses downsized or have fewer full-time staff. On the bright side, increased online traffic led to other businesses pivoting to digital or offering more virtual products/services. No matter the case, business owners and entrepreneurs still need support, a gap that can be easily filled by working…

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Build and use your ideal customer profile and personas

Getting to know you One of the first questions that a marketing or business consultant will ask you is, “What is your target market? Have you developed an ideal customer profile? Who are your personas?” If you haven’t defined them yet, you’ll probably hop to Google to figure it out. But then “how to create…

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Tips to make marketing easier in 2021

Keep it simple Marketing your business rarely comes easily. There’s always room for improvement and new things to learn. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make marketing a little easier on yourself for 2021. Let’s talk about seven ways to make marketing in 2021 easier — including marketing planning, marketing systems and marketing strategies….

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Download the Fall 2020 Venture Forward report

Knowledge is power Ventures are all around us. They’re the people who build websites, sell homemade jewelry, offer cooking lessons, or run a blog. Across the country, these ventures are making our economy stronger and our communities more resilient. But few policymakers have visibility into their numbers and economic impact. We’re out to change that….

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7 ways to start your 2021 business planning

Make a blueprint for success Whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to start your business planning for 2021. Even if you’re a one-person business, don’t underestimate the importance of having a business plan for the next year to help guide your decisions and keep you on track, especially as we all try to navigate…